The topics we will be working on at this year’s edition of CONNECT and corresponding mentors :

1. Project writing 
2. Short video 
3. Mobile app
4. Podcast
5. Short Theatrical performance


Overall goal: 
To get an overview of the skills and knowledge needed for developing a comprehensive project proposal.

Planned activities: 
During the workshop, we will work on the preparation of a small-scale project proposal. Topics that will be covered are logical chain and proposal format, how to start writing a proposal, defining project goals and objectives, designing project strategy, sustainability, and all other important steps towards a successful project application. Students will choose the topic and work on the preparation of the project proposal. At the end of the week, they will present a full resume of the project proposal and persuade the board to support their idea.

Mentors: Jovana Nikolov, Saša Ceci


Using a short video format we will explain one of the fundamental physics problems. Students will learn how to use software such as Blender, Inkscape, Manim on a very basic level. The main goal is to produce a short video by the end of the symposium.

We will learn:

1. Video editing
2. Visual effects
3. Audio editing
4. Camera motion tracking

Mentors: Mirza Hadžimehmedović, Sascha Vogel, Rifat Omerović.  


The main goals of this topic are:

- learning about the Augmented reality environment
- using Unity and Vuforia software
- making an interactive presentation about rolling motion
- building a mobile application for Android OS

Mentors: Andrej Vidak, Jadranko Batista


Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing forms of media and a great way to communicate science. In this workshop, students learn everything they need to know to start a podcast. We will discuss how to use audio to tell a story and the practical skills of storyboarding, scripting, recording, and editing. We will also cover podcasting hosting services and other technical production tips such as where to find royalty-free music/sound effects and what equipment/software is needed. By the end of the workshop, students will have created a podcast that can be shared online and listened to by audiences around the world. They will also have the skills to continue with this podcast or start a new show all their own.

Practical Skills:
- Scripting/storyboarding 
 - Selecting the proper microphone 
 - Recording best practices 
 - Audio editing basics 

Mentor: Bradley van Paridon (Two Brad For You Podcast)


During the workshop, we will produce a short play, on a decided scientific topic. 
Planned workflow is following:
1. Decision on a scientific topic
2. Research topic
3. Screenwriting
4. Rehearsals
5. Play!

Mentors: Nemanja Rakić, Armin Filipović, Duško Mazalica.